As any photographer would tell you, the lens is where the magic begins. With our 6-element high field-of-view glass lens there is nothing that our camera can miss. A 5-megapixel sensor stands behind these optics allowing for a crisp 12-megapixel 360 image output.


If lens is our magic, design is our soul. Standing tall, the single-lens system rotates just once on a specified axis to give us a high-definition 360 output. Processed anodized aluminium form the veins of our product giving extra strength, portability, durability and coolness!


VR is going big, and so are we! Our camera has off-the-shelf VR support - any image you capture or any walkthrough you create it is automatically converted into 3D to be viewed on any VR headset. Get yourself immersed in reality!


Our camera thinks, and it thinks fast. Powered by a 1 GHz dual-core processor all the calculations of image alignment, light-metering, HDR, seamless blending are all done in-house. With 16 GB in-built storage you can capture 1000s of 360 images without ever running out of memory.

On Board Wifi
16Gb Memory
Unique Single Lens design
12MP Spherical Image
In Built Tilt and 3D Sensors
1Ghz Dual Core Processor
Over The Air Updates
200 Images on a Single Charge